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When will my order ship?

4-7 days from your order date is my usual turnaround sometimes a lil' quicker sometimes a lil' slower. I am a one woman show most of the time with another full time job:)

How do you ship?

All orders will ship via USPS. Stickers ship free in envelopes with a stamp, so tracking will not be available. All greeting card orders will also be shipped first class, via rigid mailers. If tracking is available it will be provided to you, once your product has been shipped. All orders will ship from Maine. If you havent received your order, please send me a email.

Do you take commissions?

I do on occasion! It would be a watercolor, or a digital art commissions.  Please email me with commission questions/inquiries. I am a one woman show, working full time on top of scribbles, so I take very few comission per year.

I saw something on your Instagram but don't see it on your website, how do I purchase that?

Everything that I make is not listed on my website, if you saw something on my social media that you are interested in but don't see it on here, please shoot me and email, or a message on Instagram.