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About Me

My name is Courtney Andrews and I am the artist and owner of Scribbles and Doodlez. I am a born and raised 5th generation Mainer. My grandfather was a lighthouse keeper in the United States coastguard, and got stationed in Maine. He was mostly off the coast of Rockland, stationed at Mitinicus rock and that is how he met my grandmother. When I first started painting for fun, I would always paint lighthouses for my mom. Now I draw inspiration from the places I grew up with and the new places I am constantly discovering. Originally I used this as a creative outlet back in 2016 to pass the long Maine winters and to recover from a surgery. I launched Scribbles and Doodlez in May of 2019. Since launching I have continued to take inspiration from all the beauty Maine and beyond has to offer. We are currently stocked in 100+ stores all around the United States. We also love to do loads of New England art markets. Scribs is also family run. My lovely parents, have helped me turn a old bedroom into my studio/warehouse. They are the ones who are counting up all the stickers when the shipments come in, they sleeve all the cards we get with love, and they are also my market buddies helping me set up and break down. My sister is one of my biggest supporters and also a huge help with Scribs. She helps out at tradeshows, can run my markets without me when I inevitably double book myself constantly. She also is awesome at pretending to be me. Thanks for all your continuted support throughout the years, we seriously couldn't have done it without you.